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I like Drupal as there are more possibilities related to creating data structures (compared to e.g. WordPress).
Though the flip side of it, you have some many configuration parameters one can tweak.
So , I find it quite hard sometimes to find the exact configuration in order to obtain what you want.  But I guess that’s called experience.

So for this shortie, we have the concept of a course. A course has one or many students and one teacher associated with.
Now I wanted to allow a logged in student only to see the course where he is assigned to.

Conceptually this is super easy, but it took me hours to figure out two important settings under the Advanced tab.

POINT 1: Use RELATIONSHIPS under advanced to be able to enrich the base data (course) to referenced objects (students & teacher) as well

Use CONTEXTUAL FILTERS under advanced and make sure you select “Provide Default Value” and then you can select “User ID from logged in user”.



Super easy if you know where to look and what exactly to adapt.