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So you have your wonderful piece of information, knowledge you want to share with the public and/or your audience.


  • Check for broken links. For websites you can install “Broken Link Finder” plugins
  • Re-read (e.g. out loud if your prefer) to find  not so good sounding sentences
  • Throughout your content: give people a clear “Call To Action” (CTA’s). That way it doesn’t stop with information gathering but brings them closer to you.
    Especially at the end. If they did all that effort, chances are they can relate very much with your content/ideas.Though: if you are a perfectionist or you feel not confident enough to “go out”, don’t let this stop you from getting content out. It’s through action you get new insights.

Spread the word

Basically the marketing part 😉
It would be a pity when only put your well crafted piece of information on one platform.
E.g. if you made a long blog post. You can cut it up into pieces and share/schedule those piece for the upcoming weeks.

Social Media

Analytical Part

Do you have setup some tools to get insights who/how people interact with your content? See also our “Website Checklist guide”.

The techie stuff

  • In case you have published an article. Make sure you let google know.
    Though Google will probably pick it up organically, it does not hurt. Especially with trending topics, it’s good to let Google know that you were one of the first to write about XYZ.


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