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Analytical Part

Do you have setup some tools to get insights who/how people interact with your content?
Think about tools like

  • Google Analytics or Piwik
  • Pixels
    This is mainly for re-targeting people (show ads to people that have previously interacted with your content).
    Facebook, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, ….
  • Heatmap software (software to see how people scroll, click on your pages).
    It will give you insight around what people like, don’t like , …
    E.g. Hotjar (it has a free plan) or use “Heatmap & Session Recording”, a plugin for Matomo (previously Piwik)

Quality Part

  • check regularly for broken links
  • Update your system regularly

Security Part


Make sure you have a SSL (https) certificate installed.
Let’s Encrypt gives people the possibility to have a Free Certificate.


Do you have measures in place to extra protect your websites?

Software that locks out people trying to login into your website.
For WordPress I use Wordfence a lot. Sometimes I also use iThemes Security.


This one goes “hand in hand” with protecting yourself. Mainly from malicious persons (hackers, viruses) … but in some cases also against yourself (human errors can ALWAYS happen)

Legal Part

Have policies in place:

  • Cookie
  • Privacy
  • Terms and Conditions

Payment Part

Off course only applicable if you need to accept payments online.

You could directly integrate with e.g. Paypal or Stripe.
Even for the more technical people (like me), it might be tedious to make sure there are no glitches.

That’s why I tend to choice lately for platform on top of those payment platform.

One of my preferred once is ThriveCart. As they do a lot more than only streamlining Payment Process. They have support for funnels (upsells, downsells, bump offers, … ), they have Affiliate Management built-in. Also they make it super easy to automatically generate Invoices (including tax calculation), … Bottom line: the software takes much burden out of your hands. Action you would need to tackle otherwise through support.

For some projects I also used As they e.g. accept IDeal, Bancontact (popular payment methods in the region I live).