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I used to use (and still use) Serverpilot to quickly create websites without the technical stuff (creating databases, assigning a domain, network configuration … ).

Because I also want to become/stay independent of a or one provider, I looked at other solutions. E.g. Serverpilot can change their prices at any time (by the way which I am very ok with; moreover I am grandfathered in one of their plans when they still had a free version)
And I came across EasyEngine (, an OpenSource solution to what I described. So it deploys all the suff you need when you have to create a new WordPress website: , Nginx (network), PHP, MySQL (database), Redis (caching) & all dependencies. You can even deploy admin tools like PhpMyAdmin and Redis web viewer in no time. And can handle SSL/HTTPS stuff seamlessly (it uses Let’s Encrypt).

It seems that there is an active community, which is always a plus when using an OpenSource solution.

Btw: you can create other types of websites as well: Drupal, Mautic, …
EasyEngine just provides you a mechanism to provision components that are typically needed for a website alike solution.
EE uses docker (a container, virtualization technique).