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With Thrivecart it is super easy to create funnels … I had some questions.

Question: What are the variables one can play with when designing your Thrivecart funnel?
– pricing plans (on product level)
– bump offer
– up and dowsells
– coupons

Question: What is the difference between a bump offer and down/upsells?

Both are designed to maximize your profit (maximize the shopping cart).
Bump offers are shown to a visitor before any financial transaction has been confirmed.
Whilst the process of upselling and downselling is presented to the user after a financial transaction has already been completed. Meaning independently of a user takes a upsell or a downsell, you already have money on your account.

Thrivecart Bump offer, integrated into the buying process of the main product
Thrivecart’s Bump offer, integrated into the buying process of the main product

A bump offer though strictly also an upsell, feels more like it’s integrated, as if it’s just a small addon compared to the base product.
FYI: in the Thrivecart backend when creating your main product, a bump offer is just checking a box.

The up/down sell process is more like if it’s a new chapter that starts. Though with an important advantage because the friction of re-entering your payment details (Credit Card through Stripe, Paypal, Authorize net, Apple Pay, Google Pay) is left out (as is wat already captured whilst buying the main product potentially together with the bump offer).
FYI: Also in the Thrivecart backend, the upsells and downsells are different entities.

The concept of frictionless (=without re-entering financial data) boosting the order value of a customer is also often referred to as an “One Click Upsell” (OCU).

Products, Upsells and Downsells are different entities in the Thrivecart backend.
Downsells and upsells need to be activated on the main product by clicking on “Create Funnel”. Note: Seperate upsells & downsells need to be created first, so main products cannot be re-used directly.

Question: Is it possible to have a downsell on a downsell with Thrivecart?

I wanted to accomplish something like this:

ThriveCart’s funnel functionality will currently give you the power to add 5 sequential upsells, each with their own downsell. 
Conditional funnels is planned for this year, which will include the ability to set up your own flow of offers based on the customer’s choices previously (plus a lot more!).