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I was asked by a customer to make a prototype for a to be developed application.

The goal was:

  1. to show the end-customer we are making progress
  2. gather feedback early on

I doubted to use one of the many Prototyping softwares that are out ther: Balsamiq, …

I finally decided it to do it in ‘straight’ html/css/javascript.


  1. When porting it to a ‘real’ application, chances are parts can be integral re-used
  2. I feel more flexible if the end-customer suddenly asks: can you do XYZ. In case the prototyping software does not support that, we are blocked
  3. I am technical. Not that I know everything but I know in this domain: Google searches will help you a lot. In this space so much code snippets are ready to be copied and pasted

I did not completely start from scratch but use the Bootstrap framework.

In about three hours I had something demo-able (a mini application with three screen types). I was quite amazed myself 😉