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Scenario: e.g. you have an office with a laptop / computer in a building far from home. During the night you want to complete some administration stuff from your home without leaving the house.

So we have a:

  • a ‘TARGET’ device that you want to get access to remotely (e.g. your laptop at your office).
  • a ‘CLIENT’ device you will use as ‘remote’ control (your laptop at your home)

Furthermore you need a google account (a gmail account is just fine).

STEP 1: On the ‘TARGET’ device you will need to install a Google software: Chrome Remote Desktop:

  • Open Chrome and go to
  • Click on “Access my Computer”
  • Next click on the Download icon to start an installation. Make sure you complete the installation of the software
  • Next, you can give this device (target) a logical name
  • Next fill in a pin code / number you will need only the first time you login from you CLIENT device
  • After a couple seconds you’ll see the target device is online (you’ll get a popup you must grant access)

STEP 2: Now we are ready to go to the CLIENT device and connect to the TARGET device.

In fact it’s very simple:

  • Open Chrome and Go to ! make sure you are logged in into your Google Account
  • Enter the PIN (this needs to be done only the first time if you check the checkbox)
  • Voila, now you have access to your target device

So from now on, you only need to go to (TIP: make it a bookmark) and you are ready to go. Of course the target device should be on 😉