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  • Platforms
    • Facebook Groups
    • Telegram
  • Software
    • Open course: Moodle
    • Paid: Learning Dash (WordPress)
  • Third-party providers
    • Teachable
    • Udemy
    • Linkedin Learning (previously: Lynda)

How does the learner experience the training?
✨Easy Of Use
Is it simple to use? Is additional software needed or can it be integrated into existing systems?
Is it easy consumable?
Is it easy to produce content?
As well for the end-user as the course creator.
Risk of platform / third-parties: they can come and go away.

– build a free and paid version: that way you can build buzz and trust.
E.g. a open Facebook Group versus a closed Facebook Group.

Example 1
WordPress with Learning Dash

Example 2
“The Telegram Way”
I like the way of delivering content via Telegram because of several reasons

  • ease of use:
  • simple: you can send “simple” content to the learners: an image, a voice file, some text, …
  • personal: builds to the experience as it “feels” like you are one on one connected with the teacher
  • independent:
    Though it’s a third-party (free) software/platform. But if you would keep a backup of content (images, audio, …), the risk is very limited