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At this time Mautic 3.3.1 is released which supports 7.4

-> Create a PHP app with database on a specific domain.
I do this quickly with Serverpilot that is connected to a couple of my Digital Ocean servers (=droplets).
I connect the domain name with the IP of the droplet by configuring a DNS A Record in Cloudflare.

So far so good:

I download the lastest stable version on (currenlty 3.3.1).
Upload it to your app directory and unzip it.

When I try to access the app under https I get this error

The site is currently offline due to encountering an error. If the problem persists, please contact the system administrator.
System administrators, check server logs for errors.

In the logs I found a couple permissions errors liek
RuntimeException: Unable to create the “cache” directory

So I executed this command:
sudo chown -R serverpilot:serverpilot /srv/users/serverpilot/apps

Some recommendations, enable the PHP zip seems not to be possible as the operation system used is Ubuntu 14.04 (

So need to install it on another droplet.

Also adding a .user.ini with value below, solves the memory recommendation.
memory_limit = 512M

To be able to send reliable emails, we use a dedicated trusted email service, Amazon SES. Without it costing us an arm and a leg.

Will configure Amazon SES – SMTP as our sending machine:

I use Amazon SES – SMTP (for creation of username / password see further).

Verify Domain

For now I wont’t use the receiving email service.

After changing the DNS records, you will see your domain is verified.

Now we will create a trusted email sender. Click on “Verify a New Email Address”.
As we will not use the email adress for receiving purposes I created the email adress withing the DirectAdmin (or Cpanel) of my hosting first.

If you do not check that email adress, you can also define a forwarder inside your hosting environment.

It may take up to an hour for the verification email to arrive in this user’s inbox. The address has been added to the list of Verified Identities with a status of “pending verification” and will be marked as “verified” when the user opens the email message and completes the verification process.

Check whether the confimration email has arrived. Amazon does that to make sure you own that email box. Look for a subject line like this: “Amazon Web Services – Email Address Verification Request in region US West (Oregon)”. Containing something similar as below

Dear Amazon Web Services Customer,

We have received a request to authorize this email address for use with Amazon SES and Amazon Pinpoint in region US West (Oregon). If you requested this verification, please go to the following URL to confirm that you are authorized to use this email address:

Your request will not be processed unless you confirm the address using this URL. This link expires 24 hours after your original verification request.

If you did NOT request to verify this email address, do not click on the link. Please note that many times, the situation isn't a phishing attempt, but either a misunderstanding of how to use our service, or someone setting up email-sending capabilities on your behalf as part of a legitimate service, but without having fully communicated the procedure first. If you are still concerned, please forward this notification to [email protected] and let us know in the forward that you did not request the verification.

To learn more about sending email from Amazon Web Services, please refer to the Amazon SES Developer Guide at and Amazon Pinpoint Developer Guide at


The Amazon Web Services Team.

Click on the link in the email. After a couple of minutes you will see the email adress has been verified.

Now, we want to provide our mautic installation with bounce information.

Therefore we will use Amazon Webhooks: Simple Notification Service (SNS).

We will create a SNS Topic. Give it a name and take the standard configuration. You’ll get a ARN. Eg. arn:aws:sns:us-east-1:465841103071:MauticInstall

Next create a Subscription on that topic with https as protocol and following url: https://<your mautic install>/mailer/amazon/callback

After a while the subscription should be confirmed as well:

Now go back to Amazon SES to configure your domain with this topic.