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STEP 1: Make bootable USB

STEP 2: Boot and install it on hard disk

I’d like to remove all partitions first (if wanted). Using fdisk and d(elete) command.
Next create a new partition using n(ew) command

See also link below. I prefer to completely wipe and recreate 1 disk/partition.

– Copy Files to correct map
– Run /slax/boot/ (chmod +x if needed)

STEP 3: Configure it

Right click to configure keyboard layout.

Printing using cups.
Use apt-get to install system-config-printer:
sudo apt-get install -y system-config-printer

failed to load com32 file /slax/boot/vesamenu.c32

Seem that I was using a live USB disk. Best is to copy slax files to sda1 from a freshly downloaded slax iso.

./extlinux.x64: not a fat, ntfs, ext2/3/4, btrfs, xfs orufs1/2 filesystem: /slax/boot
Error installing boot loader.

aufs indicates that the booted (and running) system is a live system


ALTERNATIVE 3: ChromeOS / Neverware


Usefull software

rmprepusb, Ventoy, Easy2Boot