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Content Management Systems (Drupal, WordPress) are great to quickly build websites. Sometimes pages become slower that they should be (because of network traffic, going to the database, … )
Especially when you are sending paid traffic that can be disastrously for conversions: no one want to wait like 5 seconds before a page loads.
A quick solution is to make a static only file for that landing page. that way, you avoid having to go to the database e.g.
Moreover in the solution below, also network traffic/overhead is highly reduced.

Step 1: Install the Chrome Extension: “SingleFile”

Step 2: Go to your page you want to speed up.

Step 3: Use the SingleFile extension to make one self-containing file

Step 4: Upload that one HTML file to your server (using FTP)

A quick test in Pingdom Tools, show the amazing difference.

Because there is only one 1 request thanks to this all-in-one file …. there is not a lot back and forth traffic.
Note: As there is only one file: all images are encoded into the html as well using base64 encoding.
And it looks something like this:

<img loading=lazy src=

NOTE: If the page has some dynamic stuff: contact forms, firing of pixels, … one will need some extra (development) work to customize that one html: like adding javascript, … .