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How to create a Facebook Profile Funnel


One (free) way to get NEW people into your business  is using what’s called a Facebook Profile Funnel.

For this tactic two things are important

  1. 👀 People notice you 
    Moreover you should leave such a good impression they want to “check you out” !
  2. ⚡ Your Facebook Profile is laser focused towards their next step (aka what you want them to do)
    In this article, we’ll assume the next step is clicking a link, more specific a link that leads into joining a Facebook group that you run.

About Funnels

Briefly, a funnel is a way to get a person from point A (e.g. showing a Facebook ad) to point Z (e.g. the sale of a product). In between there can be a lot of intermediate points.
In order to do so we use conviction techniques (marketing, persuasion, …). Typically  at each point some people will leave (bounce) and hence not reach the final point. This is normal, natural behavior.

Example Facebook Profile Funnel

There are so many ways to build (online) funnels.
Using a Facebook Profile Funnel is just one example of a Funnel where your Facebook Profile acts as a starting point to attract (new) people. And the next point you want to bring them to is that link we talked about in the introduction.

👩 PART 1: Decorate your Facebook Profile like a PRO

STEP 1: Upload a new Cover

Make a Facebook Profile Cover on your personal Facebook Profile.
Make sure you have a clear “Call To Action” in the image. So people literally want to 🖯 click on it .. you might think there is no sense in clicking a Facebook Cover Photo (as it cannot hold a hyperlink) …. but … hold on … there is a trick to it.TIP: you can make this cover through which has pre-made templates available (for e.g. Facebook Covers)
Make sure there is not too much text on it, instead make it very clean & simple. Also make sure to double check on a couple of devices whether the image (and the call to action) is clear on different devices

STEP 2: Add a description to your Profile Cover

After you uploaded that image, make sure you immediately add some extra textual description to it. You do that by looking for the message that Facebook generated automatically on your timeline: “<name> updated his cover photo”.
Next you click “Edit Post” and there you can fill in some text together with the link you want people to click on next (your next funnel point).

This ensures that when people click on your Cover Photo, they are taken to that description.
Because you put a link in there as well, you made it super easy for them to proceed to the next (funnel) point.
Voila, there is the trick 😉 … quite simple but very powerful.

STEP 3: Add a new Photo and add it as a Featured Image 

This allows you to add an extra visual to your Profile helping you in your sole mission of clicking that link.

STEP 4: Add a description to the Featured Image

Analog to the Facebook Cover, add a description to the Featured Image as well. This is needed for the same reason, when people click on the image, they (again) see that same url.

⏭️ PART 2: What’s next?

After this point there are many ways to bring them closer towards the end of your funnel.
How you do that exactly will depend on your goal, your audience, … and is kinda out of scope of this article as we just wanted to explain the start of a Facebook Profile Funnel.

🔥 Bonus tip #1

Apart from having an optimized Facebook Pofile Cover, you should also make sure  the other information is very wel targeted towards getting them to the next point in the funnel.
I mean if people are taking a quick look at your Facebook Profile, one should  immediately know what to do.

That’s the reasoning behind why I made all nice-to-have information solely available to friends only:

  • relationship status
  • educational information
  • places (live, born, … )

So new people (meaning no friends yet) checking out my profile will only see the information that is relevant to bring them to the next step.

The effect is you present them with the next desired step having the least distraction as possible.

Limited information => laser focuseed

A Lot Of Information => distraction


🔥 Bonus tip #2

Did you know you could make your Facebook Profile Picture a GIF, making it ‘moving’ instead of just a static image. This grabs even more attention towards your profile.



🔥 Bonus tip #3

You might wonder how to get  new people taking a grap at your profile.  Well one way is to be active & giving value in (Facebook) groups where your target audience is as well. A percentage of this group will check out who is this guy/girl that has been giving soo much value lately ….. he/she might seems to know quite a bit about XYZ.


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