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One of the very first things I do when starting a new project is creating a new logo. It must not be perfect, but al least something to start with.

This project is about being the Netflix for Hot Software Trends (more specifically Chrome Extensions.
So after using I found a good sounding domain name that is still available:

Also for the logo I decided to let me inspire on the logo of Netflix. So I came up with this logo to start with.

Steps in Inkscape

I chose the font “Bebas Kai” via
And next I chose the color #f77f00 via
Tip: here you find why some top brands use specific colors.
Inkscape (Open Source editor for SVG files).
(version 0.92 and installed “Bezier Envelope” to the extensions folder)

-> create text object
-> create a rectangle with the “Bezier Curves” tools
-> next bend one side of the rectangle a little bit
-> transform the text object (Path->Combine and then Object->Ungroup).
Click until you see the nodes that make up the text
-> As second object click the transformed rectangle and use “Bezier Envelope” (under Extensions -> Modify Path)

Getting inspired by other companies logo = legal?

Well first of all, I am not a lawyer at all. So please do your own research.
The question popped in my mind, so I did a little bit of research.

When talking about branding, there are a lot of aspects to consider:
color (scheme), font, name, …

I found a comment on Quora that says “you should modify it enough”.
Of course the question becomes when is enough enough.
See also this thread on quora.

So off course if you are e.g. a company wanting to base your logo on the logo of Mcdonalds
You might look at the points below

  • you use their color scheme
  • you use their branding elements (the special M style)
  • you are also in the hamburger business

So if you tick all those boxes, chances are very high, it’s not enough. Especially if you are competing with them.

Remember a brand is like an identity, if there is room for confusion at the consumer side, well that’s a good indication “enough is not enough”.

You can find some other nice visual example over here.

I also got this useful tip from a lawyer.
Write something in the lines of  ” We are not affiliated with company XYZ”. This clearly shows you are not doing this to cause brand confusion or to compete with the company.