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I got inspired by an interview I listened to with “Tabe Ydo” from ( on The concept of Oneday is that you do your best to maximize the upcoming day as much as you can.

Here are my take aways:

Two network modes

In relation to how we utilize our focus/attention: our system has two “network modes”.
1. external mode
This is when we are oriented outwards and when the “scanning” power is turned on.
This mode allows us to scan for: food, danger and reproduction opportunities (sex). All of these three have to do something with survival (of ourselves or of our species).
This is our default mode. So if we don’t pay attention, we are caught up all day long in this mode.
2. internal mode
In this mode what’s happening ‘outside’ our body becomes less or even not important. So what we “take in” through our senses is stopped or limited.
This is the mode where we get in touch with our own true desires, where we develop a mission that’s 100% congruent with what we feel/want/… . Sounds important enough, isn’t it?

The Challenge

This “external” mode for sure has saved our lives multiple times already.
Though what’s the situation nowadays? We live in an information overflow area. If you want, you can “scan” the external environment 24/7.
Meaning: you can scan your social media, your inbox, … .
Every notification (on your phone, when people pass before you window … ) can trigger that pulse of a “mini” danger.
Even our mental power (though not outside our body) can be a source of putting us in a survival state. We all know when we start thinking negative thoughts, it can put us in a ‘bad’ state and it can take a while before we get out of it.

Starting the day: inform your body guard

If we leave it to the odds, pretty sure we are stuck into looking at all the “danger” that is outside there.

BUT … what if we could start our day very deliberately (and early) with just “Me Myself and I”.

How and what you do early in the morning is up to you. There is a lot of information about morning routines. But think of activities as: walking (in nature), meditating, breath work (heart coherence), journaling, … combined with strong intentions, affirmations that are congruent with the person you want to be (professional, personal, family, …)

You could compare the “time you spend with yourself” as if you are making a deal with your own personal body guard inside you. You tell him basically what you want to get out of the day and he will make sure that you only go to the ‘external’ mode if and when it’s needed.
Even when our mind goes subconscious. And that’s a big one, because most of the day we are subconscious, meaning if we would not have told our body guard … we would be most of the time in a survival state: doing work that’s not 100% in line with our mission. Doing tasks that suits other people’s agenda more than your own agenda.

As a result the time spend in your default ‘external’ network mode, will be way less.