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Types: websites for local business; websites for bigger cooperations

Technologies: WordPress, Drupal


Technologies: WordPress, Drupal


  • Platform to keep employees engaged.
  • Matching platform for students / teachers


Activities: Building prototypes, WordPress plugins, Chrome Extensions

“Surprise” plugin

I made a WordPress plugin for a local company (called R.) in the business of secret gifts.  The owner tried to fulfill her needs by using a bunch of plugins. Finally this combo of plugin was not 100% doing what she wanted. So I made a custom plugin that could be seamless integrated in her current business process.
Here is the use case: someone (=requestor, customer of R.) can ask R. to send magical personalized code(s) together with a url to one of more persons (=the receiver). Most receivers are quite curious to discover who has send him/her this code.
Once people go to the url (a portal page) one must enter his/her ‘magical’ code. After the submission of the code, the visitor sees a message to wait X hours. At that time the requestor will be revealed together with a personalized message. This will even more trigger curiosity so the receiver is eager to recheck after X hours.

This plugin allows the owner to configure the use case in an elegant way.
We went through a couple of iterations to get something that was seamlessly integrated onto her process.

Porting knowledge to an online learning experience.

Tasks: initial setup of the WordPress website (design), installing marketing tools (Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Hotjar, … ). But also configuring the learning environment (LearnDash plugin, …), integrating with a payment provider (Thrivecart). Making sure our page loads fast when we are doing an outreach.

I do also continuous improvements by incorporating feedback from our existing user base. Often  that means custom WordPress work (when the used plugins are not doing 100% what we want).

I am the co-owner of ChallengeConvert with main focus on the technical part: setting up, configuring, maintaining the WordPress website (sales page) and Drupal backend system. Also doing the coordination part with co-workers, outsourcers, customers, … .
The software supports coaches during their online challenges. The main goal of the software is to convert as much (free) challengers into paid customers for the coaches.
Long story short, for this project I also coordinated the development of the backend (Drupal) and front-end (Chrome Extension). And I am doing community management (answering question in the Facebook group, solving issues, …).