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Keywords: proto typing, WordPress websites
One quote sent out (and approved).

Master Your TODO List
Writing a review for the first week of the program (and share it on Facebook & LinkedIn).

Implement changes to the eLearning setup (WordPress based together with LearnDash). On every topic, we provided a feedback form. The last lesson of a week we give an overview of the exercises that were given throughout the different topics within one lesson.
Link to the website.

Management of Websites
It sometimes occurred to me I discovered one of my websites was down. Thus potentially leaving me with some kind of loss (money, visibility, … )
So, I wanted to improve the monitoring of my websites and moreover implement an automated fixed (most of the times a restart of the particular server helps).
My current situation is: I have like tens of websites spread over a couple of Digital Ocean machines.
I could use a service like Uptime Robot … but here I wanted to automate the intervention as well: meaning a restart of the server. Some of my websites, have an international audience, and I don’t want to do an intervention when I am asleep.

Basically I wrote a php file that will check a csv file where column1 contains a url, column2 the word that must be found on that url, column3 a reference to the server that website runs on.
That php will run every x minutes using the cron scheduling mechanism.