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Submit your website to “Google Search Console”
Why? After time you will get useful data in return (related to how your website is doing in the Google Results).
Potentially you’ll discover you are ranking for keywords you would not have thought about.
Get more indepth insights what you can learn from Google Search Console: here

Google Analytics or Matomo or …

A/B Testing software.
Heatmap software: e.g. hotjar

Check on multiple devices (mobile, tablet, desktop).

Installing pixels: Facebook, LinkedIn, …

usage of CDN: e.g. cloudflare.

You can check the load time of your website with or

Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, Terms and conditions
As it depends on where you live, contact a lawyer to make sure you are compliant

Broken link checker

Keep them on your page
* Use open a new tab for external links (so your website stays open).
* Have call to actions
* Have “What’s next”, “Others also liked XYZ” kinda sections

A (root) domain name can have multiple subdomains.
Technically spoken: & could be two different websites.
Also a website can be server insecure (http://) or over a secure connection (https://)
To not confuse users and the search engines, I recommend choosing one as your main website. E.g. and serve that over https.
All possible ‘variants’ should be redirected to the main one.
So in the example above:,, should be pointed to a single “version of the truth”
A way to quickly and easily test this is through

If you are using Cloudflare a way to “ban” http (port 80, insecure) is to put “Always Use Https” on ON.